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The Art of the Bean and Leaf

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Grade #1

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Grade #1

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These coffee beans were grown at high altitude on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica where volcanic soil, tropical sun and jungle rain make it one of the most highly sought-after coffees.  Japan has a trade agreement with Jamaica whereby 85% of the coffee crop is shipped to the Japanese market leaving the remaining 15% for the rest of the world.  As a result, there are many counterfeit coffees claiming to be Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.  


We go to great lengths to ensure the coffee we are selling is pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, which include verifying that our supplier is a licensed importer with the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (“JACRA”) as well as obtaining the Certificate of Origin, Weight Certificate and Export Invoice for each coffee shipment.  There are many grades of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and the grade we offer is certified as Grade #1, the highest grade, from JACRA.  We roast these beans at a medium roast to capture the coffee beans rich, creamy-smooth and sweet flavor.  The coffee beans we offer are 100% pure Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Grade #1 and are never blended with any other coffee beans.
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