About Me

Hi!  I’m Nancy and I am the sole proprietor of The Art of the Bean and Leaf in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Coffee and tea have always been a passion of mine.  This chapter in my life started after the financial company I worked for closed down in 2020.  On a car ride up to Boston my husband asked what my next step in life would be.  I told him that I wanted to do what you wanted to do when you were young and that was to open up a coffee house in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My husband then asked me what I would name the café and I blurted “The Art of the Bean and Leaf” with enthusiasm.  He then asked why “The Art of the Bean and Leaf” and I responded because making coffee and tea is an art that when done correctly, the drinking experience is very relaxing and satisfying.  As I look back, the car ride to Boston was the initial flame that stoked that inner fire which then grew with more intensity.  Fast forward today and now I have a whimsical coffee and tea shop that is vibrant in color, decorated with various artwork, has a blend of old fixtures, modern tables and chairs, as well as numerous plants, which I nurtured since the start of the pandemic.  I invite you to try our coffee and, if you get a chance, please visit us in Asbury Park! My staff and I are super friendly and we are a short walking distance to one of the numerous beaches along the Jersey Shore.