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The Art of the Bean and Leaf

Hawaiian Kona - Peaberry

Hawaiian Kona - Peaberry

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These coffee beans were grown under tropical conditions on the slopes of Mount Loa volcano which is in South Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  These beans are delivered directly from an Estate farmer straight to our shop as green beans. 


Peaberry is categorized as a Type II bean.  Unlike a typical Type I coffee bean which has two flat-sided beans inside the fruit, a peaberry (Type II) is a single round bean that is more concentrated in flavor.  Given their rarity, peaberries account for less than 3% of our Estate grower’s Kona crop.  The Hawaiian Kona Peaberry is considered the “Champagne of Kona coffee” as the taste profile is bold, complex and rich in flavor with deep chocolate notes.


We roast Hawaiian Kona beans at a light to medium roast based on recommendations from the farm.  The coffee beans we offer are 100% Hawaiian Kona and are never blended with any other coffee beans.
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